T.L.P Custom Calls
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Hello fellow hunters my name is Tom Perry. I have been goose and duck hunting for 25 years.
when I was 12 years old I started hunting with my dad, Butch Perry, and my uncle, Tony
Greenway. My dad and uncle were commercial goose guides for Wilber Schillinger of Mill Creek
Hunting Farms on the Maryland Eastern Shore.
When I first started hunting I was using an Olt 77 goose call. I was not satisfied with the calls that
were on the market and was looking for my own sound but could not find it. So in 1996, after
searching for years with no success, I decided to develop my own short reed goose call. It has
taken me ten years to perfect my development.
I have developed the best sounding goose call of all time. My calls take little air to make them
work. From the field murmur to the come back call you can make them as loud or as quiet as
you desire. I have three different styles and shapes of goose calls and one style of duck call.
About Us
At this time I am working on the development of a competition call for the 2008 season. I will also
be competing in most of the competitions in the North Eastern part of the US. In 1997 I placed
12th in the Harrisburg, PA show and 9th in the Bass Pro Shops competition in 2001. I have never
took 1st place in a competition but look out in the near future! For now I am focusing on goose
and duck hunting.
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