T.L.P Custom Calls
If you have been looking for a goose call
that sets you apart from the crowd, then
look no further..

With twenty-five years of waterfowl
hunting experience go into every
hand-crafted custom calls. T.L.P custom
calls offers both collectability and
function in these fine hand made goose
calls. All calls are custom tuned to fit
your style of calling. T.L.P offers several
models of goose calls in acrylic. These
are many things that make these goose
calls special.
Tommy cuts and tunes each call insert by hand. The insert is Tommy's own,
original, special design. The original design has been used by Tommy for
several years and the experience over time has been remarkable. Tom Perry
is a master call maker, proud of his craftsmanship and provides customer
service, second to none. No call is sold that Tommy wouldn't hunt with himself.
So please take the time to look around at the waterfowl calls offered here.
Latest Hunts
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